During the year (Feb-Nov) Western Branch is open for training every Sunday – rain, hail or shine unless advised otherwise (check the Events calendar).

Green Gully Reserve, Keilor Downs, Vic

Training starts at 9.30am sharp
Be there prior to 9.15am to get yourself organised and your dog settled. If you are a NEW member, please arrive by 9am.


Wearing of Badges

The wearing of badges is essential when you are on the training grounds each week.  This years’ badge colour is a GREEN.  If you haven’t received your 2019 badge please see our Membership Officer.  For new members you will receive a temporary badge until your official one is posted out to you.

Wearing of the name badge is an insurance requirement, indicates that you are a financial member and is also useful for Instructors to use to remember your name during training.  We are an ageing group and, for some, remembering things becomes a challenge.

Should you forget to bring your badge you will be required to go to the Membership Officer in the branch clubroom to obtain a temporary one.  This will incur a cost of $2.00 to cover the plastic holder.

You will be unable to train without a badge.