Western Branch Training Rules for Sunday

Let’s all have an enjoyable experience!!

Regular Obedience Training Classes: Sunday 9:30am – 10:30am.

Regular Show Training: Sunday 10:45am – 11:45am

Rain, hail or shine, training is always on unless the branch is closed as advised.

When You Arrive

Please arrive by 9:15am at the latest, and ensure you have your name marked off at the attendance table as you pay your training fee. Then take your dog away for a quick walk, to settle them down before class.

If you are currently a member of another Branch, remember you are required to wear your current name badge and present your dog’s immunisation record before you can join training on Western grounds.

Weekly Announcements

Begin at 10:30am sharp, for about 5 minutes, and will provide you with any specific branch news for that day and the weeks ahead. Pass-up ribbons, certificates  and special awards will also be presented.

All Obedience and Conformation handlers and dogs are asked to line up in the appropriate line during announcements.  We ask for your attention during this time so information can be exchanged in a speedy fashion.

Membership Badges

As a member, you are issued with a name tag. All members are required to wear their name tags when at training. This assists your instructors and is also a club insurance obligation. Please remember your tag each week. If you need a replacement, see our membership officer. 2018 Membership badges are coloured pink.

Vaccination Certificates

All vaccination certificates must be sighted at least once a year and noted in the training register. You will be advised when checks are to be made so you can bring your certificate along for our records to be updated.

Dog’s Off-Lead

From 8:30am-12:30pm, NO dogs are allowed to be off lead, unless under the direct supervision of an Instructor.

Doggy Clean Up

It’s your responsibility to clean up after your dog. Pooper scoopers and buckets are located around the grounds. Please place all plastic bags in rubbish bin behind club rooms – NOT IN POOP BUCKETS.


Water buckets are provided around the ground. If another dog is drinking, please be courteous and wait with your dog until they are finished. Not all dogs like to share!

Car Parking

Western Branch has very good car parking provisions. The car park inside the grounds is allocated for members with dog trailers, Intsructors and Committee Members who on a week to week basis generally have to leave their dogs in the vehicles whilst they undertake their duties for the branch. We have extensive car parks on McCrae Blvd for all other members.

Doggie Friendliness

Your dog may be very friendly and love all other dogs, but not all dogs are the same. Please make sure BEFORE you let your dog go up to other dogs. This is in the best interests of both your own and the other handler’s dog.

Dogs Tied Up

Dogs are not to be left tied up and unattended on the grounds at any time. If you need someone to hold your dog while you take a “toilet break” etc please ask a Committee Member.

Clothing  and Footwear

Wear closed in shoes, no thongs or sandals. Perhaps something sturdier if it’s wet and slippery. Try to avoid baggy or open zip jackets for training they can get in your dogs face when you train.

Heat Policy

When the forecast temperature for mid week training (as given on 6pm news the previous day) is for 30.C or higher, there will be no mid week training, even if the weather changes. This is for the safety of your dog.

Tunnels and Agility Equipment

Any equipment set up on the ground is only to be used under the supervision of an instructor before, during and after classes. This is for your protection and is an insurance obligation. Members are encouraged to support our volunteer Instructors and Committee and help put the equipment away after announcements.

Female Dog in Season

Bitches in season are NOT allowed on the ground during Obedience training.  They are allowed on the ground only after Obedience training has concluded. Bitches in season are allowed to participate in Show training classes.

First Aid

If you require any medical assistance, please speak to your instructor or Committee Member who will direct you to our First Aid Officers for assistance.

Remember !

You should train your dog during the week to reinforce what you learn on Sundays. You will achieve better results. Always have fresh cold water available and don’t leave your dog in your car during warm and hot days.


Please feel free to raise any questions with your instructor during training. If you need to talk to someone about your dog during the week, either call your breeder or contact a Committee Member of the branch.

Branch Email 

To receive emails advising you of up come events and notices join our email list.  To join our mailing list please fill in one of the forms located inside the club room with our membership officer Ros,  or on the counter at the Canteen.