Structural Assessment on the 21 May 2023 at Western Branch

The Western Branch is conducting a Structural Assessment on the 21st of May 2023.

What happens at a Structural Assessment? 

The assessment loosely follows a GSDCA Breed Survey where Breed Surveyors informally apply the GSD Breed Standard and an anatomical description of your dog will be noted. This includes measuring their height and weight. There will be a temperament test in a crowd of people and a reaction to a ‘gun’ noise when the character/temperament will be observed. All the details are recorded and a certificate is provided to you as the owner to keep.
Dogs must be a minimum age of 18 months and you must be a member of the GSDCV Club.
You will need to do some training for this event. This will be held at the branch after obedience and show training. Your dog needs to learn to move around a square of cones in a line, with other dogs, have their teeth inspected, be measured using a measuring stick and be able to stand still while they are being assessed.
Please note:
In no way is a Structural Assessment a recommendation for future breeding.

This event will be open to the first 12 people.

Below are links to the flyer and form for completion:
Structural Assessment notes flyer 01 May 23

For further information please contact Aaron