Come join us at the Breed Survey on Sunday, 9th October 2022

Invitation to all Members!

The Western Branch is running a Breed Survey on Sunday, 9th October commencing at approximately 1 pm

What is a Breed Survey?

OBJECTIVES: To promote and offer guidance for the uniform development of the German Shepherd Dog and to improve its inherent working abilities.

Breeders who belong to the GSDCV will put their dogs through a breed survey prior to breeding puppies. This helps to promote a high standard of puppies being sold.

Dogs will be awarded a classification once they have passed the criteria and it is expected that they will contribute to the overall improvement of the breed in Australia.

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We invite you to stay back after training on the 9th of October and watch what happens.
Each participating dog goes through a series of analyses, which includes temperament among other things.


We need your help!

This is a huge day and for it to run smoothly help is needed.
The canteen needs at least 4-5 people at any one time to provide food for our visitors and Breed Surveyors as well as those who have stayed to watch. More people are needed to help on the grounds with various tasks.

There will be members from other branches joining us for training at 9.30 am, which great opportunity to meet other like-minded people from other branches and see how they train.
Please help us make them all feel welcome.

The usual canteen food and drinks will be available plus lamb gyros, chips, salad, bread roll and drink for only $10.00.

If you are able to help, even for a short amount of time, please let Dom know.
If you want more information or have any questions, reach out to Dom on 0431 436 897 or