Pass Up June 2021

Pass Ups from Puppy to Class 1

Chi Luong with Miso

Alycia Morgan and Jamie with Luna

Ash Kadher with Xena

Lynette Hoare with Seb

Michael Shaholli with Paxton

Lauren Whitford with Atlas

Kath and Garth Pesarento

Ashish Bhandari with Nala

Johann Saitz with Hunter

Natasha Cavar with Zeus

Ayla Hearn with Sven


Pass Ups from Class 1 to Class 2


Elizabeth Milan with Coco

Isidro Olave with Laika

Tim Banks with Ellie

Celeste Geeinko with Rollo

Christina Chang with Jasper

Jack Tran with Xena

Petronilla Paulo with Saint

Julien Fidele with Lexie

Samantha Melrose with Yoda

Coz Habben with Safety

Ramish Napit with Bruce

Christopher White with Junior

Alycia Morgan and Jamie with Luna

Pass Ups from Class 2 to Class 3

Barbara Kendall with Tilly

Pual Scilluna with Pippa

Trinh Hoang with Minka

Pass Ups from Class 3 to Class 4

Allen Barazon with Charlie