Pass Ups – May 2019

Puppies to Class 1 Pass Ups

Damel Dessman with Donnie
Marie Castezu with Mecca
Chaitanya Nampalli with Iris
Sally Vineeth with Bindi
Nicole Date with Pepper
Joshua Hocuine with Baloo
Frank Grillo with Nero
Carmelo Santo with Cora
Darren & Riley Smallacombe with Tex
Rosemary May & Caroline Johns with Barkley
Harsh Sharma with Diesel

Class 1 to 2 Pass Ups

Billy Trovato with Phenix
Peter Kehagias with Hera
Sam Smar with Ollie
Caroline Johns & Rosemary May with Barkley

Class 2 to 3 Pass ups

Michael Charalambous with Millie
Tina Harvey with Tora
Meagan Rafferty with Makiya
Catherine Griffiths with Ruby
Pat Mannone with Andre
Taylah Gunser with Gypsy
Nicole Bartolo with Dante