Annual General Meeting – 24th February – Committee meeting changes

Annual General Meeting on the 24th February to support the outgoing Committee and elect the new Committee.

A very appreciative thank you to all members of the outgoing committee for their hard work during the year. Each committee member put in an extraordinary amount of work to keep our branch running smoothly. Their input is very much acknowledged.

Congratulations go to all the committee members who nominated and were accepted for positions at our branch AGM. We look forward to another productive year.

Branch Manager: Steve Kinsman
Assistant Branch Manager: Craig Whitford
Treasurer: Sue Hounslow
Assistant Treasurer: Tony Lerias
Secretary: Lyn Pickering
Minutes Secretary: Craig Whitford
Chief Instructor: Sue Hounslow
Assistant Chief Instructor 1: Dani Hauri
Assistant Chief Instructor 2: Craig Whitford
Breed Affairs Liaison Officer: Carole Osborne
Canteen Officer: Arthur McPherson
Assistant Canteen Officer: Bill Hounslow
Equipment Officer: Stacy Lerias
Assistant Equipment Officer: Tony Lerias
Grounds Manager: Lyn Pickering
Assistant Grounds Manager Andrew Saliba
Membership Officer: Roslyn Mills
Publicity Officer: Lin McPherson
Social Secretary: Dom Cafari
Maintenance Manager: Bill Frantzesko
Website/Facebook Officer: Tony Lerias
Committee Member: Gail Stewart
Committee Member: Jacqueline Krell