Pass Ups – August & September 2018

Puppies to Class 1 Pass Ups


Andrew Jarema with Kiara

Mustaka Jamal with Trigger

Ravi Talakadv with Wolfie

Yuanjiu Qin with Kenny


Class 1 to 2 Pass Ups:


Leigh Sturt with Angel

Paul Horabik with Daezee

Chantelle Allen with Benson

George Mells with Kruze

Petar Andjic with Zeus

Tizi Sibley with Roxy

Bulnet Karamanoglu with Rex

Jenny Boase with Teyhe


Class 2 to 3 Pass Ups


Danii Thielke with Storm

Jamie Camilleri with Ruby

Michael Charalambous with Millie

Clare Roussou with Django

Brandon  Robinson with Luna

Ian O’Keefe with H’Rom

Krisna Dalayah with Arrow

Michelle Sims with Kaya

Josif Rasic with Medo

Michael Buttigieg with Boomer

Michael Shephard with Pat