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Pets in the Park



Pets In The Park

BrimbankCouncil March 2011

Western Branch Demo team entertained Brimback residence who attended the

"Pets In The Park" event in Sunshine.





Roz with Dallas .........weaving


Yep......That's "Hip-Hop" the pig ........weaving.  It seems dogs aren't the only animals that can weave!! 



Not to be outdone by a pig...... Andrew with Mac start with a bit of weaving and finish with some scent descrimination. Now lets see you do that Hip-Hop!





Lyn with Kira, socialising with some of the smaller visiters to "Pets In The Park".


Merle with 13 year old Candy. Candy might be old in years but she was still skilled when it came to choosing the article (towel) that had the scent of one of the audience members on it from all the other articles on the ground.